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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can clear your head when the stock market is foggy


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Should you be worried about a bear market?

Analyzing all 10% declines in the stock market of the past century Read More

This market-timing model says you probably have too much money in stocks

Volatility-based gauge reduces stock exposure now that the VIX has more than doubled from its 2021 low. Read More

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could keep stocks sliding for weeks before the market finally hits bottom

U.S. stock market typically begins to recover about three months after a geopolitical crisis. Read More

Here’s how to gauge the stock market amid Ukraine invasion

Watch for a VIX “spike peak” buy signal. Read More

As Russia moves into Ukraine, here are the oil stocks that might benefit the most

Analysts see 12-month upside of as much as 59% for their favorite oil-industry stocks. Read More

Energy stocks are the hottest trade today — which is why it’s time to pare gains

There are several reasons why the oil sector will cool. So be prudent and take some profits. Read More

This tech investor worked during the dot-com boom and bust — this is what he’s thinking about the stock market now

Matt Moberg at the Franklin DynaTech Fund says to invest in innovative companies and take a long view. Read More

This next frontier for tech investors is just getting started

Investors have a rare opportunity to participate at an early stage in a set of industries that may grow explosively as other budding tech industries have done over the years. Read More

As the stock market struggles, look at these ‘hard-asset’ commodity funds

You can focus on oil, gold, funds with no annoying K-1 tax forms — and there’s even an indirect way to invest in lithium. Read More

Where are stocks headed? Company executives think they’re going up

Corporate directors and officers are buying shares of their own companies. Read More

Inflation on the shelves means deflation in confidence, a study finds

Why do so many investors think they won’t reach their retirement goals? Read More

Not enough babies? EV battery shortage? Dwindling water? There are ‘scarcity’ stock plays for all of it

Bank of America ‘scarcity’ stock picks target chip bottlenecks, water, lithium, a circular economy, ESG and human capital, to name a few. Read More

Days of Easy Speculation Look Numbered in War-Shaken Stocks

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