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: On this Reddit message board, the Wall Street Bets crowd has worn out its welcome


By now the self-described apes and degenerates that use Reddit’s messaging board platform to plot stock-market moves are investing legends.

But the Reddit Wall Street Bet crowd isn’t content to stay in their lane. They have now gone over to the message board on Reddit for Bed Bath & Beyond
that is ostensibly for employees of the shop, who gather online to talk about the company’s struggles, possible layoffs and the odd tennis ball in a toilet brush holder.

“Can we PLEASE have better protection here against the Wall Street Bet morons?? This is getting ridiculous and I don’t want to hear it,” says one poster, who says he is an employee “living in reality.”

“This sub has become a casualty of war. RIP,” replied the self-described Audit King.

That hasn’t kept the WSB crew from posting. One offered a pizza party if the stock hits $85 by the end of the week. (On Wednesday, the stock closed at $10.36.)

Another regaled of a tale of entering an Atlanta-area store, identifying himself as a shareholder, greeting fellow investors with ape noises, spending two hours without buying anything, and then purchasing a $22 item from an alarmed cashier that got an automatic markdown of 35%.

One ape asked: “What is the problem with a conversation between shareholders and employees?”

To which a reply came, “They don’t want to talk about the stock. They clearly signaled this. Now forcing the conversation on them is called harassment.”

Replied the WSB’er: “I will think about that in my Lambo.”

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